Resonant Models

The survival of any species depends not just on how complicated the neural sensory system of such species is, but also on how accurate a model of the world is represented in that sensory system. Even the simplest of animals (say a worm) has sensory nerves that detect certain qualities of its surroundings (like temperature). Its model of the world is a very simple circuit that, in part, allows it to be aware of too much heat.

The food chain is determined by the complexity and accuracy of the world model present in each species’ sensory system. The more accurate that model of the world that a species has, the higher it is in the food chain. At the top of that food chain are humans, predictably so because among all animals, we have the most developed and accurate model of the world.

Our model of the world allows us to predict where our prey would be, and we know where to go to hunt for them. Our model of the world is now so accurate we can predict with formidable precision even the motions of the heavenly bodies. Our model of the world is so expansive that we can now even look deep into ourselves and understand ourselves to such level that is impossible to achieve by species lower in the food chain.


About Carlos C. Tapang

I run a company called Rock Stable Token Inc. I am the leader of the team behind the stabletoken called ROKS. ROKS is a cryptocurrency (digital money) and its value is tied to the U.S. dollar (USD). We are initially targeting it to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) with two great benefits: it costs almost nothing to send it, and it is fast. I am also involved in a movement ( to correct the Philippine constitution. It's an ambitious undertaking in itself, and there's no guarantee that improving our constitution will improve things. However, one thing is certain: if we don't establish a rational constitution, we will continue on our path of self-destruction. What kind of government is best? For me the best government is that which governs the least. We need the government not because it can provide for us but because it keeps us from running into each other. The proper function of government is that of a traffic light: it prevents us from bumping each other, but it does not tell us where to go.
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