My name is Carlos C Tapang and my objective is to change the intellectual climate in the Philippines. After living out of my country for 30 years, I tried going back in early 2009 with my family. Almost two years later, I had to go back to the U.S. because otherwise I and my family would not have survived with some level of comfort. I am sad to say but I found that my country is still the sick man of Asia.

The only good thing we have going for us is that we are a mature democracy. Our intellectuals have led us astray, as witnessed by the glaring inconsistencies in the 1987 Constitution. My mission is set, and it is to setup a think tank and convince the intellectuals that the road we have been following would lead us to diminishing freedoms and more poverty.


2 Responses to About

  1. luvinC says:

    What kind of intellectuals do we have? The only recognizable intellectuals are those living in gated communities. The filipino mind is deeply westernize, and it will need a total overhaul of this mindset for us to developed a new set of ideas that would work for the pinoys and would be accepted by the pinoys. We don’t need to have white skins, but many dreams and spends money to have one. We are our version of Michael Jackson. a lost soul.

    • ctapang says:

      No matter how much we attempt to purge ourselves of it, we are all influenced by the West. Even China is very much influenced by the West. After all, Karl Marx is not Chinese or is he? We have to adopt Free Market ideas to our situation, and that’s what will liberate us. Check out my latest article in GetRealPhilippines.com titled “Five Reasons to be Optimistic About the Philippines”.

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