Prof. Haruhisa Ishida

Prof. Ishida was a very kind Sensei/Senpai (teacher/mentor). He was responsible for starting my career at Intel Japan in the late 1970’s. He mentored me while I was a research student at the University of Tokyo (‘Tokyo Daigaku). He was the Director of the Computer Center (which housed a Hitachi supercomputer when I was there) at the University. He translated several computer science books into Japanese. He was an Internet pioneer.

Ishida-Sensei has passed away in March of this year. I should have continued to keep in touch with him. If I did, I am sure I would have learned so much, not only about digital stuff, but about life itself. I was a heady student: I always looked forward and never looked back. We only met once again after I arrived in the U.S., in 1985. He attended a conference in San Francisco, which gave me an opportunity to meet him for the last time and take him on a tour of the city.

If I could do it all over again, I would have kept him as a very good friend. Friends come and go, but there are some that I would have wanted to keep, and Ishida-Sensei is certainly one of those. I really feel bad that I did not even know until now that he has passed away.


About Carlos C. Tapang

I run a company called Rock Stable Token Inc. I am the leader of the team behind the stabletoken called ROKS. ROKS is a cryptocurrency (digital money) and its value is tied to the U.S. dollar (USD). We are initially targeting it to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) with two great benefits: it costs almost nothing to send it, and it is fast. I am also involved in a movement ( to correct the Philippine constitution. It's an ambitious undertaking in itself, and there's no guarantee that improving our constitution will improve things. However, one thing is certain: if we don't establish a rational constitution, we will continue on our path of self-destruction. What kind of government is best? For me the best government is that which governs the least. We need the government not because it can provide for us but because it keeps us from running into each other. The proper function of government is that of a traffic light: it prevents us from bumping each other, but it does not tell us where to go.
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2 Responses to Prof. Haruhisa Ishida

  1. 順子 says:

    Dear Dr.Carlos TapangI am Junko Ishida, Haruhisa\’s wife. I remember you and your wife very well and I appreciate your warm thoughts for Haruhisa. I wanted to send a mail, but It took me time to find way the way. Thank you so much for remembering him after so many years. Sincerely, Junko IshidaI hope

    • ctapang says:

      Hello Junko-sama, I just saw this comment from you (after many months!) as I was transferring my blog to WordPress. Thank you for sending me this message. It means a lot to me. My email address is By the way, Belen and I got divorced in 2000.

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